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Eclipse Physician Scheduler - Easily Create and Maintain Schedules for Your Practice

Eclipse Physician Scheduler is a web-based tool that assists medical practices with the creation and management of schedules for its staff. All that is needed to access the tool is a web browser. Manage office hours, on-call coverage, vacation, CME days, and more from this easy-to-use application. Based on your practice's rules, our system's Smart Staffing logic enables you to eliminate scheduling guesswork, because the best matches for each staffing event you need to enter will always be displayed. Contact Us today to schedule an online demo or obtain more information. If you want to see Eclipse Physician Scheduler in action, please view the following videos:

  • Easy access - Since the product is web-based, there is no complex software installation required to use the tool. Users only need a web browser to access Eclipse Physician Scheduler. Furthermore, users do not need to be tethered to a single PC in order to access the tool. It can be accessed from any PC that is connected to the Internet.
  • Your Practice's Staffing Rules Are Built Into the System - We work closely with you to build all of your staffing rules directly into the system. These rules will become the backbone of the tool and will be used to make sure that your schedules are created accurately and fairly.
  • Eliminate Staffing Guesswork - Because your practice's staffing rules are built into the system, creating schedules becomes a much easier task. You will no longer have to try to remember all of your practice's staffing guidelines. For each new event you enter, the system will use the rules as a guide to present you with a list of the best staffing selections. Conflicts will be displayed to you in an easy-to-read options matrix which will guide you to pick the best possible selection for each new event.
  • Updating Schedules Becomes Less Troublesome - We all know that the master schedule for a practice constantly changes. Updates that at first appear to be simple can cause a domino effect of multiple changes to the schedule. By having your staffing rules programmed into the system, you will be able to make faster, more accurate decisions about how to handle schedule updates.
  • Track Practice Events, Vacation, CME's, and More - Eclipse Physician Scheduler allows you to capture any type of event you need. Once again, we will work with you to program any event type into the system. This means you can create a true master schedule for your practice which includes office hours, on-call time, vacation days, etc.
  • Manage Schedules for Multiple Practices, Offices, and Facilities in a Single Tool - You can manage and view information for multiple office locations and facilities within the system. Views can be customized on-demand to show you the specific information you need.
  • Dynamic Reports - There are multiple dynamic reports available in the tool which can be creaed on-the-fly. Examples of how these reports can help you include:
    * making sure that on-call time is evenly distributed across practioners
    * ensuring that time requirements for office hours are being met
    * instantly display vacation day totals
  • Real-Time Access to Updates and Additions - All updates and additions made within the system are available for viewing in real-time. As soon as new information is entered, it becomes available to everyone within the practice.
  • Affordable Software Customized to Your Specifications - Prices for Eclipse Physician Scheduler typically range between $3,995 and $7,995. The variation in the price range above is based on practice size and the complexity of your practice rules.

Contact Us today to schedule a demo or obtain more information.


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